3) App Download

Upon finishing the web puzzle, Melissa receives an E-mail from Mark Crowton, the CEO of Sc4venger Hunt, asking her to try out the beta release of their new android app which will be a real-life personalized puzzle experience. Upon downloading, the first clue reveals that this scavenger hunt will take place in New Orleans on Dec 29th and requires her to put in her airline confirmation code to continue.


Clue Text

Welcome to the hunt for your gift. We assure you it's a very sweet, thoughtful present but unfortunately it's not nearby at all.

We’ve been able to track the present down to New Orleans somewhere but you’re going to have to follow the clues to track it down. Time to book your tickets and pack your bags!

Please enter your flight confirmation code so we can activate your hunt.




Great! We’ll contact you again on Dec 29th. So you can plan, investigations usually take the better part of the day and involve lots of food and drink. You should also be sure to pack a “Business Casual” outfit (shirt and slacks required for men).