10) Wine Bottle

After taking a break with some ice cream, the next part of the clue from Mastermind told her to pick up something in the wine cellar for Mastermind’s friend, William Alexander Jr. She figures out that there is a wine store 2 doors down called The Wine Seller.

Upon entering the store and asking if anything is being held for a Mr. William Alexander Jr., the clerk gives her a pre-paid bottle of Sancerre with another puzzle piece clue around the neck of the bottle.

The Wine Cellar

Clue Text

When you’re done with your ice cream, our next clue is supposed to be in the wine cellar. What kind of Ice cream parlor has a wine cellar? Maybe you can ask if there is a wine cellar near by. They must be holding something for William Alexander Jr. there.




Interesting. Better take that evidence with us.