11) Cemetery

While this clue was meant to send Melissa to the Lafayette No 1 cemetery, one of the only historic cemeteries in New Orleans that is open to the public and doesn’t require you to be part of a tour, I didn’t account for the fact that the cemetery actually closes at 2:30pm.

What should have happened is she would have realized that the design on the clue was actually a map of the cemetery and if she went to the location where the tiny red box was, she would have found the grave of a William Alexander Jr., the person for which the wine bottle was being held.

Luckily, I had images of the proper gravestone which allowed her to solve not only this clue, but move on to the next clue.

Tales From the QRipt

Clue Text

What do you suppose that mark is? A QR code of some sort?
We should try to find William to give him his wine. Could he be at Lafayette no. 1? That’s kind of creepy to meet in a cemetery. When we do find him, let’s make sure it’s really him by checking his wife’s maiden name.




Oh dear, that’s unfortunate…..Well, I don’t think he’ll be needing this wine…