13) Gondola

After solving the previous clue, she is directed to City Park, a massive greenspace even larger than New York’s Central Park. Directed once again with a GPS makrker, she is sent to a random spot in the park by a lake and told to wait for her contact. While waiting, a man on a gondola slowly rows up to the dock and has everything ready to take us on an hour long trip through the park. Cheese, crackers, a blanket and 2 glasses for the wine that we picked up earlier.

The app tells her to keep her eyes peeled for the next clue with the title of “City of Lights”. This doesn’t narrow it down since there are tons of christmas lights all over the park for the holidays. At one point in the ride, the gondola man points out a floating, glowing object in the water and tells us to pluck it out. Once she pulls it in, Melissa can see inside there is a flashlight and another puzzle piece.

More importantly, the flash light is a blacklight which now reveals that all the puzzle piece clues have blacklight writing on them: “Broussard’s 9:00pm”, our dinner reservation.

City Park

Clue Text

Our clue must be somewhere in City Park! This location looks near the museum of art. I'm sure your sidekick can call a car to get there.

If you have some extra time to kill maybe grab a bite or drink at Commander’s palace or check out the sculpture garden in the park.




Great this is the place that we’re supposed to meet with our contact!

City of Lights

Clue Text

Once you meet your contact, you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. These are some of the perks of the hunt, after all. Might as well drink William’s wine as well. I don’t think he’ll be needing it.

Hopefully you’ll get contacted with the final meetup location to get your present. Be sure to let us know where it is.




Fantastic! Victory is so close!