15) Proposal

Aside from the food, one of the main reasons I chose this restaurant was for it’s beautiful courtyard. Once we finish our food, I retrieve a wrapped gift from a friend waiting outside and take Melissa to the back courtyard to give her one last gift. She unwraps the present to find an empty photo album which I tell her we can use to document all our future travels together. On the first page is a collage of dozens of the photos we have taken together over the years with text in the middle saying “Insert something sweet here”.

I then activate one last clue that I tell her will help fill in the empty space. When looking through her phone at the empty space in the middle of the collage, a bouquet of ring pops appears through augmented reality. With her already in shock, I tell her the coolest thing about it is if you look really close, you can see a real ring in the pile. At this point, I reach into the AR pile of ring pops and pull out an actual ring and finally pop the question.

After she says yes, my friends emerge from their hiding places along with the bartender with 4 glasses of champagne for us. I leave relieved that months of planning actually worked while Melissa is completely overwhelmed for the next ~12 hours. :)

Insert Something Sweet

Clue Text

The collage is pretty sweet but the middle looks a little empty. Maybe you can fill it in.